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Learn UI/UX by designing beautiful interfaces for your own web & mobile apps.

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Why Learn Design

From Artist to Designer

Have you ever looked at a circus elephant? If you have, you might notice that the elephant has a metal collar around its leg which is attached to a small chain. And the chain is attached to a small wooden log.

Do you think it's a pretty good protection?

I'll tell you that it's definitely not. That gigantic animal can very easily pick up its foot & with one swing, break the wooden log & walk away.

But the elephant doesn't. Why?

I'll explain. When that elephant was still a baby, that same collar, chain and log were used to hold the elephant in place. It was just sufficient to hold the baby elephant locked even if it wanted to break away.

And guess what, the baby elephant tried to break away every day. While the baby was chained up, it would pull the chain and pull until finally its leg got wounded.

It started to hurt when pulled more and soon the baby elephant, realizing the effort was both futile and painful, stopped trying to escape.

And that's why most of us stopped to learn to draw or stopped to continue a creative side hobby. Well, now you know what holds you back.

Let's get rid of all the chains that we have put on ourselves & jump back to start learning design.

From Artist to Designer

Learn UI-UX Design the Hard Right Way

The Lazy Man's Way to Learn Design. Most People Are Too Busy Doing Something to Learn Any Skill.

⚡Weekly Live Classes & Mentorship

The main drawback of online Design courses is that you don't have anyone to reach out to when you get stuck or when you have questions/doubts. You can now learn with live classes, live feedback and mentorship.

🎨Weekly Design Assignments

The way our school/college teaches is to learn all the foundations first through theory. They rarely touch practicals and work on creative challenges.
That's why you probably don't remember most of the stuff after the exams.
Learn to Design the right (practical) way by working on weekly assignments.

🧾Book Summaries Newsletter

Most times, we finish a course & get a certificate. That's it. It's mostly the end of learning unless you work on a new project.
The best learning takes place when you actually read books, take notes, implement it, experiment it and finally internalize what works for you. You don't have to bear the pain of reading all the books now.

📒Design Cheat-sheets & Checklists

People often after the course, won't have any material to continue their learning journey. They usually take a break for sometime.
Then, they start to work on a project or explore- only to realize they have forgotten everything. Continue your learning with downloadable files.


What It Includes

The course is structured to learn UI-UX Design step-by-step from scratch in an Accelerated way.

🎨 UI Design
Having a keen eye for design is a valuable skill every Designer must-have. Learning how Visual and UI Elements work will help you to design beautiful interfaces for any app or site from scratch. Learn to translate high-level requirements of a product into intuitive and functional user interfaces.
🛠 UX Design
Convert an idea you have for an app to confidently layout the user experience to create products that users love. Being a Web Designer, UX is a part of your skillset. Learn how to discover, research and evaluate different techniques to meet a user’s needs.
🧪 User Research
To build products that users want, you need to learn to research about the product as well as about the users. Learn how to do User Research and get valuable insights that help you gain an idea about how you need to build your product.
📜 Wire-framing
Before any app is designed, it first needs to be sketched and drawn a rough design of how it looks and works. Wireframing is key to every design process. Learn how to design wireframes for various apps and products.
✒ Prototyping
Before you hand-off your designs to Developers to build the apps, you need to connect different pages in your design and test it with various users before you actually build it. Prototyping and testing the prototypes will get you clarity of what works and what doesn’t so that you can iterate on your designs.
🧧 Portfolio + Case-Study
A Portfolio is a Designer’s Resume. In order to get any opportunities either freelance work from various clients or job opportunities from different companies having a portfolio speaks about your work in many ways. And writing a case study on the project you build will add more credibility to you as a Designer.


What You Learn

Pre-Course Work

< 1hr

  • Meet your Classmates in WhatsApp
  • Install Figma & Zoom
  • Create Accounts on Figma, Zoom & Miro, Dribbble & Behance

Week 1: Design Foundations


  • What is Design?
  • Intro to UI & UX
  • Intro to Figma
  • Project: Webflow Landing Page Clone using Figma

Week 2: Intro to UX


  • Design Thinking Fundamentals
  • Intro to Brainstorming
  • Empathizing user segments
  • Project: Swiggy Design Thinking Exercise

Week 3: User Research


  • Research Methods + Planning
  • User Interview
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Creating Personas
  • Project: Airbnb User Research Exercise

Week 4: Product Ideation


  • User/Customer Journey
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Card Sorting
  • User Flow v/s Task Flow
  • Project: Netflix Product Ideation Exercise

Week 5: UI Design Foundations


  • Visual & UI Principles
  • Web/Mobile Layout
  • Color Theory
  • Typography
  • Layouts & Grids
  • Icons & Illustration
  • Style Guide
  • Intro to Designing for IOS & Android
  • Project: Spotify Design Guidelines

Week 6: Building an end-to-end project


  • Research + Wire-framing
  • Creating a Style Guide
  • Creating Mock-ups
  • Building a Prototype
  • Usability Testing
  • Iterating on Wire-frames & Prototype

Week 7: Capstone Project


  • Project Ideation
  • User Research
  • Wire-framing + Prototyping
  • Project: Putting everything together

Week 8: Case Study + Portfolio


  • Building your Portfolio
  • Creating a UX Case Study
  • Presentation + Guest Talk
  • Project: Uber Case Study Example

Week 9: Design Comm. & Dev-Handoff


  • Collaborating and Communicating with Developers
  • Preparing Design/Developer Hand-off
  • Receiving and Giving Feedback
  • Introduction to HTML & CSS
  • Project: Building your Resume + Cracking Interviews

Week 10: Program Finale


  • Presenting your Capstone Projects
  • Next Steps

Bonus 1: Downloadable Cheat-sheets & Checklists

  • Job/Internships Cold Email Scripts
  • Must-Read Design Books
  • Designers to follow on Twitter
  • YouTube Designers to Subscribe

Bonus 2: Downloadable Cheat-sheets & Checklists

  • Best Design Podcasts to Listen
  • Design Instagram Accounts to Follow
  • Mental Models for Designers

What can you do by learning Design?

Learning design helps you in every career that you think of - explore different career paths to go deep.

🥽Web Design
🎨Graphic Design
💎Product Management
📇Print Design
🎬Video Design


Master the best UI/UX Tools


Wait, wait - Who Am I?


Full Stack Designer

I started to self-learn Design while working as a Web Developer while being as an intern at a company. After successfully learning Full Stack Web Development and working on various projects, I felt a need to improve the designs for the projects.

Young Developers always find hard to understand Design and build beautiful & intuitive web applications. I having lived my life as a developer, have been creating good design since I started to learn design. And I'll be teaching what I have learned so far to help you to design better.

I have worked on Case studies and redesigned various apps. I have given talks about Careers in Design. I being worked as a Program Manager at Speckbit Academy, have taught 1000+ students on various topics including how to build apps with great design. And I’ve poured hundreds of hours into creating this very best course on UI-UX Design.

Our Students Know Best

The workshop was great. For a beginner like me, it was quite informative and the points discussed were quite helpful and gave me an idea of how to proceed with this for my projects in the future.
Shreyas K R
Systems Engineer, Infosys
The UI-UX workshop was really informative and nice. Got to know good examples for UI and UX in realtime. Also got to know how a career in UI UX Design looks like. Thank you for giving a nice exposure on UI UX Design.😊😄
Srivalli S B
Full Stack Maker
This workshop was definitely informative for someone who has absolutely no idea about designing and is very new to the field. If you have basic understanding on UI/UX, then you should probably this his Full Stack Designer Course. Thank you for this session. I really appreciate it :)
Tanvi Sanjay Maheshwari
ETL Developer, Accenture


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Our most common asked questions.

Do I need any prior Design Experience to join the course?

No. This course is suitable for complete beginners. No design background required to join the course. However, if you have some experience, it helps you learn a lot quickly during the course.

Will this help me to create a good Design portfolio?

Yes. Even if you have no prior experience in Design, this course will help you to create an amazing portfolio that will open up various opportunities for you after the course.

Does this course cover both UI as well as UX Design?

Yes. This course covers both UI as well as UX Design. The first half of the course will be focused on UX parts and the second half of the course is focused on the UI part.

Will I also learn how to code?

Not completely. This course completely focuses on designing. You'll also learn the fundamentals of HTML & CSS. But if you already happen to know how to code, that would be great.

Do I get Certificates after the graduation?

Yes. You do get certificates after the successful graduation of the course.

Is there any refund policy for the course?

No refund will be offered once after the complete fee payment. So I advise all candidates to have complete information before enrolling in the program.